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An Assurance Group has been established to provide expert advice and challenge about the approach and processes used to conduct the review, and to ensure that the Review is conducted in accordance with its terms of reference.

The Assurance Group is strictly focused on the governance of the Review and has not been established to inform the outcome and recommendations. The role of the group is to:

  • Establish a structured approach to assure that the process of the Review is robust, which shall be continually revised as the Review progresses to ensure that the approach remains robust and fit for purpose.
  • Ensure a transparent and inclusive process in line with the scope of the Review.
  • Ensure the Review process enables the development of robust recommendations on service improvement.
  • Ensure excellent stakeholder engagement and consultation is established, so those who want to can make their views known.
  • Ensure in particular that the views of young people, their families and their experiences are heard and understood.
  • Ensure that the Review team undertakes comprehensive qualitative and quantitative academic research to inform the review’s recommendations.
  • Advise on the types of evidence that should be sought by the Review team, the methods for gathering that evidence and the interpretation, significance and relevance of the evidence.
  • Ensure a full range of service delivery models are considered.
  • Raise exceptional matters that may arise in the course of the Review.

Assurance Group membership

Members with proven expertise have been appointed by the Chair to provide advice and challenge on matters relating to the conduct of the Review.

Members are independent of NHS England and NHS Improvement and of providers of gender dysphoria services, and of any organisation or association that could reasonably be regarded as having a significant interest in the outcome of the Review.

The Assurance Group advises on the Review process and not its outcome. Professional and lived experience will be used to determine the outcome and recommendations of the Review and will be captured through our participative and consensus development approach.

MemberCurrent positionExpertise brought
Bobbie FarsidesProfessor of Clinical and
Biomedical Ethics,
Brighton and Sussex
Medical School
Clinical and
research ethics
Emma CaveProfessor of Healthcare Law,
Durham University
Medical law
Faith GibsonProfessor of Child Health
and Cancer Care,
University of Surrey
Children’s nursing
and research in
children’s health
Michael LinneyRetired Paediatrician,
RCPCH Registrar
2017 – 2021
Paediatric medicine
and governance
Page Nyame-SatterthwaiteTrustee,
National Children’s Bureau
Children and young
people’s engagement
Shelley HeardPast Vice-President,
Royal College of
Workforce development
Sophie AndrewsChief Executive,
Noah’s Ark Children’s Hospice
Children’s support
and advocacy