On this page you can find formal publications from the Cass Review.

Final Report

The Review has submitted its final report to NHS England.

The report describes what is known about the young people who are seeking NHS support around their gender identity and sets out the recommended clinical approach to care and support they should expect, the interventions that should be available, and how services should be organised across the country.

It also makes recommendations on the quality improvement and research infrastructure required to ensure that the evidence base underpinning care is strengthened.

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Letter to NHS England – January 2023

Dr Cass wrote to NHS England in January 2023 providing a progress update on the Review.

Response to NHS England consultation: Draft interim service specification for specialist gender dysphoria services for children and young people

The Review has submitted a response to NHS England’s consultation on the draft interim service specification for specialist gender dysphoria services for children and young people.

Letter to NHS England – July 2022

Dr Cass wrote to NHS England in July 2022 setting out the key components of a new regional service model, as described in the Review’s interim report. The letter also provides advice on how gaps in the existing evidence base may be addressed.

Interim Report

The Cass Review has submitted an interim report to NHS England.

The report represents the Review’s work to date, what has been learnt so far and the approach going forward. Pending our fuller recommendations, our interim advice focuses on the issues of capacity, safety, and standards around treatment decisions, as well as data and audit. The Review will work with NHS England, providers and the broader stakeholder community to progress action in these areas.

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Online panel with primary and secondary care professionals: Engagement report

In Autumn 2021, an online panel of primary and secondary care clinicians and associated professionals was created to establish a picture of current competency, capacity and confidence among the workforce (outside of the specialist gender service) to support gender questioning children and young people.

Gender specialists questionnaire: Summary of responses

In Winter 2021, we undertook an online survey of gender specialists – clinicians and associated professionals who predominantly or exclusively work with children and young people who need support around their gender identity. The survey contained some service specific questions, but also reflected and sought to test some of what we had heard from specialists through our listening sessions and from primary and secondary care professionals engaged in the professional panel activities.

Letter to NHS England and NHS Improvement, May 2021

Dr Cass wrote to NHS England and NHS Improvement in May 2021 with an update on the Review. The letter focuses on the need to strengthen support for the children and young people waiting for assessment and treatment.